The Americas Director of The Ooni of Ife Artifacts


His Excellency (H.E.), HRH, (Rev. Dr.) Prince A.Z.K.Adekoya, II., Ph.D., CDKA.


His Excellency, Ambassador, Rev. Dr. Prince A.Z.K. Adekoya, II., is a multi-talented, multi-focused and multi-hyphenated personage whose tentacles have spread, over the years, into women and human rights advocacy, social entrepreneurship, legal expertise, cultural diversity promoter, economic analysis, global developmental consultancy, print media & television mogul, and the Americas Director of The Ooni of Ife Artifacts, the initiative of Africa foremost King – His Imperial Majesty (HIM) Oba, Dr. Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, Ojaja, II., Ooni of Ife, Osun State, Nigeria, West Africa.

His recently inaugurated initiatives includes, “Africa 400 Years.Org” (A400Y) and his pet project “My Daughter Your Daughter.Org” (MDYD), aims to empower and intellectually emancipate young men and women through the instrumentality of quality education and sound mentorship to take ownership of their destiny.

Globally acknowledged as an eminent player in the fashion and entertainment industry, his Royal fashion collections and styles now occupy a pre-eminent position in the industry. Indeed, his unique brand is always close to the pulse of New York's high-end entertainment events, including the highly-regarded New York Fashion Week, Yahoo spotlight, Zen Radio and much more.

As a consummate Investor in various spheres of businesses, which include Fashion, Entertainment, Promotion, Production, Management and Health & Wellness, HRH, Dr. Adekoya’s serves as Founder & CEO of business concerns which include - Skadek Empire, but not limited to: Roberta Fabiani-USA, Inc., Skadek Network lnt'I Inc., SNIPE, Skadek Hair, Skadek Media, Skadek Television, Peachy Time Magazine, and Skadek Health & Wellness.

Roberta Fabiani-Skadek and Royal Fashion Skadek, which are both imaginative creations of Dr. Prince Adekoya, II., are rapidly trending in royal and elite circles. He has been variously touted as “one of the most creative and brilliant-minded designer of our time, "a rare accolade that has earned him the “2016 Monarch Designer of the Year” Award along with so many other awards from Local, Counties, States, Federal and International community.

As a human rights and women’s rights advocate with a wealth of experience in local and international businesses, and with an uncommonly rich academic pedigree spanning the three continents of Africa, Europe and North America, Ambassador Adekoya holds degrees in Accounting, Legal Matters and Business Management.

As a Legal Conglomerate and Analyst with over fifteen years of experience in the Immigration, Criminal, Civil Litigation, Incorporation, Entertainment sectors of the Law, he is currently the Managing Director at Ejezie Law Firm, LLC. with offices in New Jersey and New York.

A Crown Prince and Royal personage who has proudly integrated his Nigerian roots into his global antecedents, His Royal Highness - Prince Adekoya, as a legacy builder, businessman, and a philanthropist, has successfully produced and promoted countless charitable events for organizations and churches. With a passionate commitment to his work with empowering the youth, and steering the grown, he subscribes to a simple mantra: “Anything the mind can conceive and the heart believes, can be achieved”.

H.E. HRH. Rev. Dr. Prince A.Z.K. Adekoya II., remains a very open minded man, working relentlessly to make his community, country and the world at large a peaceful and better place to live in. For more information please visit: